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Sunday, June 6, 2010

beach wood creations.

currently i am sitting in my nice air-conditioned townhouse in Austin attempting to hide from the 95 degree heat and 70% humidity of june in central texas AND wishing i was on the california coast. which brings me to my on-going obsession with beach wood.

this past spring i went to visit my good friend from college in los angeles and on one of our coastal drives we decided to stop and breathe in the salty sea air. from the small cliff, i could see a piece of white drift wood floating in the shallow waves. too good to be true! ignoring my friend's protests, i climb down the cliff to retrieve my treasure. i awkwardly monkey my way back up the cliff ecstatic.

once i got back home to Austin, i let the wood dry out (took about a week) and found some knobs fromanthropologie (love that store) and drilled them into the wood. add a picture hanger to the back and it's the perfect place to display necklaces.

above my creation is another beach wood masterpiece... a picture frame (with postcard by San Francisco- based artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison) found in my good friend Alisha's beach-inspired shop Splendid Little Shoppe located in Petaluma, California. check it out, you're bound to love it.

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  1. This is fantastic Hannah! Thanks for sharing=)